Jennifer Aniston and her invitation to five fans of ‘Friends’


Fans of the legendary series Friends you are in luck double. If you are already the protagonists of the fiction announced their comeback through a photograph in which appear six under the title is “going on”, now his followers have the opportunity to get to know them live and direct. Jennifer Aniston like that his co-stars have been in charge of announcing the news via their social profiles. The actors have posted the same instant promotional black and white in which you have been invited to participate in a kind of ‘barter’. For its part, Jennifer Anniston he wrote: “Hello guys! We are so excited to join the challenge ALL IN to help people to have the necessary resources to feed during the times that run”.


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An initiative that invites us to collaborate to the followers who have the option of attending as a public the program that brings together Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matthew Perry, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer. And not only that, because in addition to be able to enjoy a coffee and talk about the successful series of the 90s. A VIP experience that has led to an avalanche of solidarity among the fans. “I can’t wait to get to know them and to embrace them all”, I wrote Jennifer Aniston. To be able to have option to this sweepstakes organized by The All In Challengemust be paid a minimum 10 euros. All winnings, will go directly to the organizations, No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels and America’s Food Fund, which benefits Feeding America and World Central Kitchen.

A few weeks ago, the interpreter of Follow me to el royo announced the reunion of the six protagonists of Friends fifteen years after. Although many expected a sort of prequel continue to the fascinating storylines of the original series, what is certain is that the meeting will be based on a series of interviews with Ellen Degeneres. In this format, you also talk about details and secrets of that fiction that gave them the world-famous. The television program has been able to carry out thanks to the decision of the directors Warner Bros (studio original Friends) they have placed all their confidence in the platform streaming, HBO Max.


A project that will make the actors embolsen 2.5 million euros for this special chapter. A figure which confirms that in turn become the best paid of the tv. And this is not surprising given the amount of awards that have been collected throughout its broadcast, thus recognizing the success of the plot and the characters. Among them, I highlight several People’s Choice Awards, two awards at the screen Actors guild and an Emmy award to the best comedy series, among others.