Jennifer Lawrence stopped an invasion that went into your home


When the authorities have asked us to stay at home to curb the curve of infections by the coronavirus (COVID-19), want to say that we stay in our house. Not in the other. But you see that a fan wanted to spend the quarantine at the home of Jennifer Lawrencebecause neither short nor lazy I decided to sneak into the home of the actress without any permission. And what was found? That the own Jennifer Lawrence and her husband, Cooke Maroney took care of to reduce it.

No one crosses the line with Lawrence

Last Sunday night, a woman decided it was a good time as any other to sneak into the private property of a person. That person was Jennifer Lawrence, who resides in Los angeles with her husband, Cooke Maroney. The intruder is responsible of enter by the main door, avoiding any type of security. Both Lawrence as Maroney were in your house at that time, and, according to reports Page Six, the couple was commissioned to immobilize it and reduce it until he came to the home the safety equipment relevant. The police, after you, is responsible for the custody of the person.

According to reports, woman of 23 years old, slo quera know in person to Jennifer Lawrenceto whom we have been able to see on the big screen starring in the saga of The Hunger Games or Gorrin Red. While our invasive not taken any kind of intention to cause injury to the property or to the actress, what is true is that one can not expect that the residents of the house will receive you with open arms if you schools through the main door without having been invited. This story was over with the fan of Lawrence arrested for the misdemeanor offense of intrusion on private property.

The invasive slo quera know in person protagonist of The Hunger Games

We have been able to see Jennifer Lawrence and also starring X-Men: Fnix Dark, a film that bore to a bump important both at the box office as the refusal on the part of the crtica. In fact, the FOX admiti that “got it wrong” by failing to raise duly the campaign of marketing of the film. However, taking something positive from the situation, this setback has served for the director of The New MutantsJosh Boone, feel less pressured.

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