Jennifer Lopez designs a few tennis whites with applications in silver


Jennifer Lopez never loses the style and even less if you choose to bring tennis shoes white sports. Since a few months ago, the american singer was associated with the company’s retail shoes DSW to create a collection of unique pieces that we saw from designs in heels to tennis shoes are white, with pins and applications in silver. Now, in full quarantine, reminds us why these tennis whites are trend in 2020 and also how we can combine being at home.

Tennis white Jennifer Lopez

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In this way, these tennis white high platform, wide in the forefoot and round toe are of face, and at first glance very comfortable for walking on any place. To have pins are easier to adjust and accommodate to the foot, likewise, differ from other in the market for their applications in color silver and with glitter, the essence of Jennifer Lopez could not be left to note with details like these.

On the other hand, these tennis whites designed by Jennifer Lopez have soles of zig-zag; which means that they are of rubber and in the form of flakes. This allows greater clamping or anchoring to the ground, hence this type of soles are called 4 x 4. Comfortable and sophisticated, these tennis are combined with a outfit formal or more casual. You can wear them with a midi dress in black, the other with a floral print or white one as the one you chose Jennifer Lopez on the carpet World of dance. Also with a classic jeans with a high waistline, with a pair of trousers tailored to the ankle, or dance with them in the company of your second wedding dress.

Jennifer Lopez as a judge of World of dance

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These tennis are white sports, are the trend in 2020 because of their versatility, comfort and elegance. If you can work out with them, also you can show them at any time or piece of your wardrobe, it does not limit you when you choose what to wear or what shirt or blouse to combine it. In fact, these tennis whites with applications in gold are part of the inspiration of Jennifer Lopez to create them.

“We bring you the street style that represents New York, a little bit of old Hollywood glamor and a vitality that is representative of Miami. With this collection I hope that people can find and represent multiple sides of themselves, without ceasing to be faithful to your most authentic self. The girls we really can do it all!”, said Jennifer Lopez in an official press release.

A collection that is inspired by the three cities in which they lived and called home. Clearly, it is New York that defines these tennis whites that play between the streetstyle of that state and the glamour that wakes up the american singer-each is presented on a stage.