Jennifer Lopez teaches us how is your hair natural curly


  • Jennifer Lopez presumed to networks your curly hair natural during the quarantine period.
  • The singer has postponed indefinitely his wedding with Alex Rodriguez

    If for something we are serving this confinement is to know more deeply and in a more personal way to the ‘celebs’ that, now more than ever, have wanted to expose through the social networks. Famous, as the rest of us mortals, have also succumbed to some other change capillary home. It is the case of Dua Lipa which was passed to the rose, or Hillary Duff, they tried on the blue, as well as Jennifer Lopez, which far from being discolored and painted hair, has opted to brag about curls natural that we had seen on very few occasions. A roll very eighties it was quickly applauded in networks despite the fact that many claim that it has trick and that could have been the work of a hairdresser friend.

    Be that as it may, the truth is that you will feel great! So, the diva of the Bronx left a side of their characteristic mane ultralisa and has shown us how the ‘look’ landlord that is taking place during the quarantine. In fact, the snapshot, whose foot photo celebrates the World Day of the Earth, was taken in the pool that the multi-talented artist has in his mansion in Florida.

    A mansion that has not been without controversy, because during the first few weeks of confinement was the interpreter that you published on a frequent several videos of his house, an innocent boast, which was criticized in social networks due to the grandure of the property, which according to a wide group of tweeters was too opulent now that half the world is locked up in their homes.