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A few days ago, Harvey Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison thanks to the testimony of many women who dared to report cases of harassment and abuse on the part of the producer that they had been victims. A victory for the movement #MeToo stars of Hollywood celebrated in networks giving thanks to those courageous for having “brought down the monster”.

And it is precisely that, that Weinstein was convicted and sent to jail, it was what he needed to tell his story to other victims, terrified by the possible retaliation that could take out one of the most powerful men in the film industry. Women like actress Kate Beckinsale, who has published in social networks a chilling account unpublished about the nightmare that she lived for nearly two decades, at the side of that of Harvey.

“These photos were taken at the premiere of “Serendipity” on October 5, 2001. We all refused to go because celebrate a premiere a few weeks after 11 September, with the city still shrouded in smoke seemed to be the most insensitive, deaf, and disrespectful as possible. But Harvey insisted”, starts by explaining Beckinsale, who starred in this romantic comedy, alongside John Cusak.

“We took a flight to New York and somehow we managed to get out of the way. The next morning, Harvey called me and asked me if I would like to take my daughter less than two years old to her house to play with her daughter, of similar age. I said that sounds good to me”, continues narrating.

“Nothing more to enter in his home, Harvey called out to his nanny to take the girls to play to another room. I followed him but he told me not to, to wait in the room with him. And at the time that the door was shut, he started yelling at me and calling me a stupid slut for having ruined your premiere,” he says.

“I had no idea what he was talking about and began to tremble. He kept screaming: ‘If I am organizing a red carpet you put on a tight dress, shake your ass and tits, don’t introduce yourself as a lesbian, you stupid slut’. I started to cry from the shock”, it reveals.

“I tried to explain what happened. ‘Harvey, the city is in flames, people are still searching for their relatives, none of us felt that the premiere would be appropriate and much less go out dressed as if it were a bachelor party’, I said. ‘I don’t care, it’s my fucking premiere and if I want a pussy on the red carpet, that’s what I get’, he replied,” declares Beckinsale recalling the exact words that he snapped the producer.

“I managed as I could to get out of there with my daughter and yes, that was one of the many experiences that I had and I had no report because he was not committing any felony. But in the end, I was punished for that, and for all the other times I said no, the complaint to explain the years he has spent away from the industry. Finally, it requested that prohibit the abuses of power of any kind.

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