Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are having different problems in your relationship


From a few weeks ago we learned that the american singer Katy Perry was expecting their first baby together with her fiancé, british actor Orlando Bloom. The couple had worn from the time very united and in love; however, it seems that many things have changed in the relationship, which has brought various problems of the couple. Will there be a break?

We know that the relationship between Katy 35 years and Orlando 43-year-old has been complicated from the beginning. Let us remember that the courtship started from the 2016 and although it showed very much in love, in 2017 unexpectedly ended their romance. But the separation only lasted a few weeks, since shortly after he saw them again together.

Do Katy and Orlando could break down again?

In February of 2019, in the middle of the day of San Valentin, Orlando proposed marriage to the singer of “Firework” and she said yes. Even if the marriage is going to take place this 2020 at mid-year, the couple decided to postpone the wedding until you pass all the pandemic Coronavirus.

However, the surprise for them and the fans came with the pregnancy of Katy, something that has greatly changed the relationship between them. According to the “Us Weekly”, several sources close to the singer and the actor claim that they have had several “new” issues since the interpreter is expecting a child.

  • “The relationship of Katy and Orlando has changed since I got pregnant. Both are having some ups and downs at this time… Katy is dealing with the nerves of being a mother for the first time and Orlando are stressed by having a baby at this time of their lives”, said the interviewee.

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But even though Orlando Bloom and Katy have had more problems than usual, the sources stated that it is something common among them, even this was what motivated them to secede in 2017.

However, now it is not known if they might end up to a few months of the arrival of the new baby, the same Perry has revealed that between she and the actor have always been many frictions by their personalities. But she herself has said that this is something that separates and unites at the same time since you started your relationship.