Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are preparing for the birth of your baby


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom started with the preparations to receive her first daughter together, in the midst of the pandemic by the coronavirus.

The singer and the actor committed in the Valentine’s Day, 2019, and hoped to marry this year, in a luxurious wedding, before the birth of the baby. However, the emergency health totally changed their plans.

In march postponed the wedding and do not have a date designed for reprogramarla, since every week the virus spreads over the world.

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A source close to the couple revealed that the interpreter of I Kissed a Girl trying to stay healthy for the baby, but the crisis for the coronavirus has caused a lot of stress, according to E! Online.

Perry and Bloom hope their daughter is born this summer and hope that the situation improves for that time, as the singer is concerned about the current uncertainty,

Therefore, Katy Perry prepares speaking with the best doctors that has found. to take all the necessary precautions. Some sources have revealed that the couple considers to perform the birth at home to not go to a hospital during the pandemic.

The judge American Idol it has a bit of experience in this type of births, as he helped his sister with a home birth in 2014.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom try to take advantage of the isolation as a time to be together and enjoy a bit of tranquility before the arrival of his daughter. Usually spend a lot of time apart because each one focuses on their respective careers.

The singer announced her pregnancy at the beginning of march through the video of his song Never Worn White. At the beginning of April, the couple had their feast of revelation of gender in the landfill. Only shared with his followers a picture of the happy father with a pastel pink.

The small will be the first child of Katy Perry and the second of Orlando Bloom, because he has a son named Flynn with model Miranda Kerr.


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