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Many followers of Kendall Jenner remember that she had an application, which yielded low in the year 2017. By means of this, the muse of the gateways to communicating with his millions of fans.

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In such app, Kendall Jenner it also revealed the issues extremely personal. Among these is the one that gives sense to the present note.


When the model had only 20 years shared a post in that I mentioned that I had tripofobia. This is the aversion to look at or stay closer to geometric figures close togetherespecially holes or rectangles is very small.

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“The things that could trigger a great dread on me are the pancakes, honeycombs or heads of lotus (oh, the worst!). It sounds ridiculous, but many people have it! I can’t even look at small holes, gives me the worst anxiety. Who knows what’s there?”, wrote Kendall Jenner in such an occasion.

Kendall Jenner has currently 24 years old. (AFP)
Kendall Jenner has currently 24 years old. (AFP)

Several of his followers you sympathized with her that time. “We don’t think it’s ridiculous to have that phobia. Don’t feel afraid of what they think of you,” said a user.

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Others were surprised because they did not know could be that kind of aversion. “I had never heard something as well. Kendall Jenner you must suffer a lot in their interior, as in the day-to-day, we see many objects with holes. I think that only few people realize this,” said one of them.


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