Kylie Jenner is buying a mansion 36 million


That Kylie Jenner knows how to do business is no novelty. Just a few months ago when I went neither more nor less than $ 600 million when you sell part of your business cosmetics to Coty. And now, in full pandemic, has decided to invest in an exclusive mansion valued at 43 million dollars for the that in the end “only” has paid 36.5 million.

Celebrity, to their 22 years the millionaire youngest in the world, has chosen one of the more extensive properties on the market. With nearly 20,000 square feet of space per capita and far from Calabassaswhere they live the majority of the members of his famous family, but in the same area of the Hollywood Hills where his sister Kendall, and also very close to Travis Scott.


It is far from Calabassas but in the best area of Hollywood, near her sister Kendall

Your new acquisition is located in a safe area and the upside and, in addition, it is one of the mansions best equipped of Hollywood that lacks nothing as it has its own security booth, cinema, gym and of course swimming pool. But to achieve all this, the protagonist of Keeping up with the Kardashian’s has tended to negotiate boldly with the real estate agents and more prepared in the area.

It has come out with theirs and also obtained a succulent discount of six and a half million dollars despite the fact that the property is listed as “one of the most private and secure in the market today”. According to the announcement of the real estate, retired, is a jewel in a “new resort in Mapleton Driveone of the best streets in Holmby Hills / Beverly Hills / Bel-Air area.”


The mansion includes a chef’s kitchen and professional basketball

The empire of Kylie Jenner, began in 2015 when he started selling lipsticks for $ 29. The sale was a huge success and expanded its range of cosmetic and to create sub-brands as the one that bears the name of her daughter Stormi. Currently has a fortune of 1.2 billion dollars and more followers than any of the Kardashian

.If when in 2016 was chosen as the image of Mango to introduce the new store in Barcelona, had 42 million followers on Instagram, bday today 171 million followers . It’s not only what makes your company cosmetic, but also because each post of yours brings him a fortune. So I can afford this whim that has a own kitchen of a professional chef, a projection screen for outdoors and, as has been said, a film itself, but also several bars and games rooms.

In addition to the swimming pool (also measures of competition) and the full-service fitness center, the new home of Kylie Jenner has its own sports hall was illuminated, which includes a basketball court. And, of course, also has apartments for guests (two) with their respective kitchen and living room as well as two suites for additional guests, who have their own garden and private entrance. A luxury that is safe from intruders because the house is equipped with a guardhouse (also with bathroom and kitchenette) that allows for the maximum safety at all times.

It also has a extensive garage. Lover of luxuries, the luxury cars are some of the passions of the celebrity. In 2017 he bought one of your dearest whims,the Lamborghini Aventador Roadster SV in color orange. A genuine treasure.