Kylie Jenner, the new makeup artist of Kim Kardashian


Apparently, the skills of Kylie Jenner for the world of beauty are not on the business side, also, something that has shown doing their signature makeup, Kylie Cosmetics, a global success. The youngest of the Kardashian has proven to be a master also the back of the brushes and palette of eye shadows and makeup in hand. And it has done nothing more and nothing less than with Kim Kardashian.

Due to the quarantine in now also start to be pushed to the different corners of the united States, Kim it was one of the invited by video conferencing the program Jimmy Fallon, the presenter also done from your own home.

Despite the social distancing required, the entrepreneur appeared perfect on the screen, but not through it same as we all thought after seeing your video of how to do the contouring, but thanks to his sister Kyliethat has become your makeup artist before your lack of computer at home by the crisis of the coronavirus.

“I’m in the room glam of my mother, Kylie I maquilló and I combed her hair. I do not have here anyone who can do it and I’m not that good, so I asked her that I maquillase”, he told Kim the presenter. “It was the first time that I did, because the whole family we are distancing, we have not seen. So I ran away and I’m in my mother’s house, in his room glam, because there is a door that leads to the outside, so this is all that will let me enter. And I had to sneak out a little of my children”, says Kim between laughter and then continue with the interview.

An interview in which the social distancing and quarantine for the crisis of the coronavirus had much prominence, and is the median of the Kardashian and Fallon do not hesitate to speak of the work of awareness that this makes it through Instagram.

After this, it only remains to ask one thing, what will be Kylie one of the new make-up artists of Kim after this quarantine? Only their new appearances will tell, but everything points to yes.