“Manic” of Halsey: a complicated world

There is No doubt that Halsey it is one of the great names of pop today, even though she herself says that it is a “anti-pop star” that does not pop, and manifest to the whole Twitter, social network along the fame of Ashley Frangipane -her real name – has been a witness of their mental breakdowns and discussions with fans, trolls and even other artists.

Probably all that rage comes from her complicated inner world, a product of her bi-polarism and stormy romances with men and women of the industry of pop -as Ruby Rose, G-Eazy and his current partner, the actor Evan Peters – the thing is that “Manic” is the first work in which Halsey welcomes us inside, full of contradictions, secrets, darkness and light.

“I HATE EVERYBODY” it is the great representation of that world, where Halsey says hate all over the world, but perhaps that resentment comes from his lousy luck in love, something similar comes in “forever… (is a long time) “, which begins as a fairy tale until you get to an environment gloomy, coming to regret his ability to destroy all the good that presents itself in life.

But without a doubt the moment most personal on the album is “More”, a ballad pop in the Halsey speaks of the child lost due to your endometriosis, a disease that makes it hard for you his greatest dream: to be a mother, though not a delicate moment as this is free of contradictions: in “You Should Be Sad”, he sings to an ex without any remorse “I am grateful for not having had a child with you” while background sounds like a guitar country style Shania Twain.

Acidity, vulnerability, introspection, pride, love, and heartbreak. “Manic” displayed to the side more authentic Halsey, from the beginning to the end.

You can listen to “Manic”, the third album of Halsey here: