Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O’s… Big E reacts to this


As we have already reported here in SUPER FIGHTS, one of the women most recognized on the Internet, Mia Khalifa is a fan of professional wrestlingand so it has been left to know it on multiple occasions. Well, although when she began to talk of the fight, made attacks on WWE, Ronda Rousey and Eva Marie, while it already was in the past. The most recent, in a Story of its official account of Instagram in which he revealed that consuming the cereal Booty-O’s of The New Day.

Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O's
Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O’s

► Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O’s

In the video, appears the hand of Mia taking the box of Booty-O’s and a message that says: “Amazon no longer had Cheerios, so…” And Big E replied, which gave rise to another response of Mia Khalifa:

The Booty-O’s are approved by 4 out of 5 dentists, and Mia Khalifa!

— I’ve eaten a bowl every day this week, and I have seen a substantial improvement in my sadly small rear. Please, aconséjenme the best way to contact customer service.

The New Day Big E and Kofi Kingston Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O's
Mia Khalifa eats Booty-O’s

That answer seemed to please him very much Big E, of course, from a business point of view:

“It seems that our long search to find out who lead our advertising campaign has finally finished!”

Can it be possible a collaboration of Mia Khalifa with WWE? Well, the company of Vince McMahon has been looking to connect with the teen audience in recent times, and who better for that task than the talented and popular Mia Khalifa.