Michael Jackson wanted to have an appointment with Halle Berry and what happened surprised us


The iconic King of Pop, singer Michael Jackson tried to achieve in your time make an appointment with the beautiful and talented Halle Berry using as the intermediary to one of his friends.

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The music producer Kenneth Edmonds, was the person that turned the king of pop to serve as celestina, as it has unveiled this curious anecdote in a direct line through his Instagram official that made this past Monday with his fellow professional, Teddy Riley.

“It’s a story certain,” said Edmonds. “On one occasion, Michael called me and asked me: ‘Hey, Babyface, Do you Know who is Halle Berry? Do you know her?’. I replied that of course I knew who he was and then he said, ‘could you do Me a favor? I want you to call because I want to propose to quit with me on a date'”, record with nostalgia.

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But the reality is that it did not have the personal number of the beautiful actress, however, appealed to his representative to get the cute proposal of the great pop star. Which he received incredulous.

“After we sat down to wait for his response. I can’t tell you exactly what the reaction was of Halle, (by that of course, is not the knew) though I imagine that would be more or less as well”, revealed before giving way to a audio of the film ‘Boomerang’ in which the actress tells the character of Eddie Murphy: “What know you of love? What you think you know of love.”

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Because everything seems to indicate that Halle is not receptive to the idea of giving an opportunity in the flat romantic Michael Jackson, and sadly never came out together.

Of course that was not lacking those who now imagined to see them together holding hands, walking the streets of a beautiful city or thousands of romantic situations that are worthy of Hollywood movies. Unfortunately now only live in our imagination for, to not materialize anything, we don’t know that it would have passed and it is clear that it is a situation that is not possible.

However, we believe that they would have made cute couple, no? What do you think?