Miley Cyrus discovers something in his song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’


  • Miley Cyrus has noticed something in his song ‘Can’t Be Tamed’.
  • Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson take tacos to the toilets that are fighting the coronavirus.

    If you belong to the population group that was born between the years 1990 and 2000, most likely you’ve found with Miley Cyrus in one of your stages. We were born around the 90’s, this 2020 we enter the thirties, and we live the leap that Miley gave of their adolescent stage to the adult, back in 2010, right when she left Hannah Montana and showed his true ‘I’.

    The change that we see in that ‘leap’ was captured in his album ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ (2010), where he was spending definitely page and made a plea on his new departure.

    During all that time and up to 2013 –that was when it was introduced as a ‘new Miley’–, we see an artist totally different from what we were accustomed. And, after throwing several jobs to ex-post (the more successful, ‘Bangerz’ (2013)), her life has been full of unexpected turns and emotional peaks (remember here the ‘timeline’ of their relationship with Liam, her relationship with Kaitlynn Carter and, later, with Cody Simpson).

    Now, a decade after the transition, Miley has been through a lot, but its essence remains the same, something that has been mentioned in the programme of Jimmy Fallon (which is relayed from your quarantine).


    Miley he shared a reflection in which he claimed that, while he sang some of his old songs in some recent trials, he realized that in fact it had been the same for yearsand the lyrics of ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ was his way of expressing then that something was about to happen.

    “I already did not represent Hannah Montana. In my first song, ‘Can’t Be Tamed’, she said ‘I want to fly, I want to lead, I want to go, I can not be tamed…’. You know that I still identify with songs like this –he said to Fallon–. I love that album that I did ten years ago, and that is one of my favorite songs”.

    That not only was the disc in the that we appreciate that something was changing, but that was his turning point, and the advertisement implied what was to come: she had always been the same…!

    Here you can see the full interview: