Miley Cyrus reacts to emotional video before the slam of Liam to their relationship


After the controversial statements that she made Liam Hemsworth that gives a slam final to the relationship with Miley Cyrus the singer does not remain of arms crossed and reacts with emotional video.

The former protágonista Hannah Montana shared a video recently that coincides with the recent statements that the actor Liam Hemsworth, her ex-husband gave to a magazine.

Neither late nor lazy the artist da slapped with a white glove to your ex and share in your account of Instagram a video emotional that invites the conscience.

Coupled with a message warning that the time “is about”. As we know the interpreter “Slide to you“, a song dedicated to Liam never leaves the position of the stars most controversial.

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On this occasion not remained indifferent to the recent statements of his former love, who hinted that the past is no longer something that occupies your mind in these moments.

It is worth mentioning that after a few days that seem somewhat grey to australian actor, the sun came out again and is now happy, enjoying your family and the love side of Gabriella Brooks who seems to give the peace and stability that was not next to Miley.

However, the brother of Chris Hemsworth confirmed the difficult days to live by the side of the singer as they described her as someone very complicated, and this is how was their life together.

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He also shared that at some point I wanted to explode and grab the microphone before the wave of declarations that emerged after his failed marriage, however, opted to keep silent and let go of everything negative.

Over a long period of time, it was very stressful and it really caught me. Look, there are moments in which you want to attack and say something because, from my point of view, most of the times the things that are written about me are completely false”.

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There are times that you want to talk and there are others in that it is not worth, because only you are going to draw more attention and then it is better not to think about that and let it all fade away”

Without entering in more details by the alleged infidelity his ex-wife the actor through the interview offered to Mens Healt, that your past is something that has been left behind to focus on their projects, family and his new love, model Gabriella Brooks.

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Now the pop star takes a next step and share a new clip with images of “mother nature”, this with reason of the Earth day celebrated in days past.

2017… each time more near of the change! If we do not act because we want to… it must be because we have too much! Let Mother Nature speak for itself!”, he concluded by Miley Cyrus from the network of hearts next to the annotated audiovisual.