Millie Bobby Brown shared on Instagram her beauty routine night

Millie Bobby Brown has given with one of the best ways to care for our skin without going to a beauty salon. The protagonist of Stranger Things she shared her nightly routine on Instagram, in the company of her friend Rachel, which is to apply a facial mask of aloe vera gel before sleeping, to finish with a spray of water of flowers and a lip moisturizer. Self care at home is the title of this initiative that promotes the personal care, from home to the quarantine on the grounds of the pandemic COVID-19.

Do you mask a peel or a treatment to detox, what do you prefer?, asks Millie Bobby Brown to her friend Rachel as part of your routine facial care aimed to be achieved at home.

In addition to the british actress Millie Bobby Brown other celebrities like Lady Gaga have joined the initiative Self care at home on Instagram. The singer Born this way encouraged people to stay home and to take advantage of, positively, this period of social isolation to take care of yourself, de-stress with video games or cards, in addition to keep your body moving. Under this line, the american actress Candace Cameron-Bure, known for her role as D. J (Donna Jo) in the series Full House; turned a fitness training live from your account in Instagram, in the company of her teacher, Kira Stokes.

The singer of Born this way, Lady Gaga

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The previous proposal has also been replicated by the actress peruana Stephanie Cayo, remembered for playing Mary Luz Solari in the series of Netflix Club of Crows. The artist Latin american shared in your account of Instagram the step-by-step choreography that serves as a good exercise for the morning. “Just dance, sweat, burn all of the calories from the cookies, bread, and chocolates that you ate in quarantine and to produce endorphins. You have to be in a good mood,” wrote Stephanie Cayo at the foot of the video.

Self care at home it is a powerful proposal to which artists such as Dua Lipa, Georgia Toffolo and Reese Witherspoon also joined with routines of beauty, practical guidelines for the care of mental, emotional and physical, as well as tips of what to do every day to achieve your goals from home.

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