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Monique Brown shared on Instagram a video in which he offered to send customized greetings to their followers, without imagining that a curious detail would end up creating an uproar among the fans.

At the start of the above-mentioned clip, you can see that the interpreter of Candy expose part of your breasts.

YOU CAN SEE Monique Brown: “I applaud and thank the president Vizcarra us you care”

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Hi, I’m Monique Pardo and do not forget cheapie I give you your saludito, cheap with all my heart”, you can hear in the above clip.

Later, the singer also sent a message of reflection to the peruvians by the pandemic coronavirus that we face.

“I love you, Peru, we’ll go ahead, break the meter and we we will embrace,” said Monique Pardo in his recording.

Monique Brown on Instagram. Photo: Capture.

YOU CAN SEE Monique Pardo surprised with a photo in swimsuit at age 63

Currently, the publication has more than 2,000 reproductions on the famous social network and hundreds of comments that his fans point out that he saw her breasts in the video.

Monique Pardo looks swimwear at age 63

The recognized interpreter Monique Brown surprised his fans by posting on their social networks a photograph of you wearing a bathing suit.

Photo capture: Monique Brown Instagram

In your snapshot, Monique Pardo is located at the edge of a swimming pool with a trikini, a pair of sunglasses and his shocking hair redhead.

“Soon we will return to enjoy the nature and beauty of our Peru”, wrote in his account of Instagram.

Monique Pardo stirreth up the networks to present their version of “Tusa”

Monique Brown surprised his fans by launching his own version of “Tusa”, the famous song Karol G & Nicky Jam.

“World premiere tribute to ‘Tusa’,” were the words with which the popular artist announced the premiere of its music video.

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In the images, Monique Pardo appears with a rose dress and wearing her long tresses red along with a group of dancers.