New craft! Kendall Jenner shared her hobby in the networks, and without a doubt… I will love you even more!


Kendall Jenner part of the clan Kardashian, but ever since has strived to maintain a profile much more low, than the rest of your family.

His career without doubt is located in a spectacular moment, and this is thanks to his work as a model it is considered one of the best paid in the world.

On this occasion, is not his talent that has become a trend, but, in the last few hours, the 24-year old man has decided to share with his fans his best kept secret.

Through a publication, celebrity went up a few photos where you can see a beautiful landscape filled with clouds that caught the attention of all internet users.

It was not about the photo itself, but the quality of the famous to take such a snapshot, something that left with mouth open more than one, since that side was supplement unknown.

Apparently, the greater of the sisters Jenner it has been declared a fan of this type of view, which bear the name of “landscape”.

Now that came to light this new hobby of Kendall Jenner. Will that will surprise us with more publications of this type in your profile?