Oh hidden talent! The actress Susana Rojas moved her breasts to the rhythm of Shakira


Colombian actress Susana Rojas, who we recently saw in General Naranjo, stole the attention on social networks by his great hidden talent that left with the mouth open to more than one.

The rhythm of the popular song ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ of Shakirain the presentation of the Super Bowl, the actress joined the challenge of the other user, who moves to his chest, and eyebrows, however, Red took the crown because the movement of your breasts you stole the eyes of users in TikTok.

Sitting on his bed, and with a simple bodice straps black, Susana builds up the more than 37 thousand ‘I like’ and hundreds of positive comments and flattering.

“What a talent, you was great”, “I am here, without being able to lift or an eyebrow”, “I think you’ve earned it”, “you’re a genius”, “how do you manage it?” “that good TikTok”, “moved with the eyebrows, brilliant”, “super, I loved it”, “tesaa” and “super hard to do, that hard”, were some of them.

Susana Rojas he grew up in Bogotá, he has participated in Your Stereo Voice and has done different characters in productions of colombian that have been in the recall of several people.

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