OMG! So this was Kim Kardashian (24 years ago) at her graduation

Well, if we have to select a winner of the hashtag “Throwback Thursday”definitely has to be Kim Kardashian on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian it is well known for sharing everything with your followers and that includes photos of its past: from graduations, parties, meetings with his sisters and an infinity of events in which he has participated. And on this occasion, has given his followers the maximum travel to the past or Throwback… And it was a picture of 1996!

Kim Kardashianin addition to his personal account in Instagram, it also has an exclusive for its fragrance, though not necessarily used only to promote, but it also adds some things from your personal life. And it was here where I uploaded a photo of her with Kris Jenner, just before her graduation party 24 years ago!

Kim Kardashian has been ordering some photos at home, and that is why he has shared several pictures of his childhood and youth. In fact, during the passover, also climbed another Throwback to share with their fans: a family photo with his sisters, his dad, and also Kris.

The truth is that Kim Kardashian you have shared everything! And yes, that includes a photo with his sisters, where for some strange reason all bring a set in animal print (that would be the perfect outfit to see Tiger King on Netflix):

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