Oops caught! Mia Khalifa and her husband out of quarantine: I’ll teach you!


To bad time good face, that is often said. Of course, taking Mia Khalifa at home and enjoying their company and affection, everything’s much better. That will think Robert Sandberg, husband of the popular former actress. She, that is a machine for generating income demonstrating that their pull in the media is maintained despite not devote himself as to the controversial profession that came out with many life lessons and not a few bruises psychic, as has been manifest on more than one occasion, also is thrilled with her partner.

At least that is the impression that emerges from both when they interact with fans, especially of her, and the tenor by the countless plans and hobbies that share an and otherand the one to the other. Yes, because on more than one occasion have also highlighted how the facets and potentialities of one have influenced the other at the mercy of the living, and are enthusiastic about learning and enjoy.

In full quarantine by the coronavirus, in particular the 18 day of February, the couple set out a challenge: make some beautiful and delicious desserts and then being able to show them to his large audiencewhich , in the case of the former interpreter of adult film is going to nearly twenty million followers. Said and done. Under the watchful eye of Robert, and with their recommendations, Mia managed to make these delicious, surely, muffins filled with candy and accompanied by cream rose. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water.

The same feeling you both have when you are together and have a moment of intimacy. And with this of the quarantine are having many, which they appreciate the two. Notice how they have been caught red-handed in the moment more personal; the passion and understanding they will notice it reflected in his caresses, but above all the love that you feel for the other person. And that, you know them not to have had a few hard moments, it is difficult to find.