Private investigator hired by Amber Heard could not find anything against Johnny Depp


The legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is without a doubt the perfect representation of how far can a relationship toxic. The actress Aquaman – 73%, who at first had presented himself as the victim of physical abuse from her ex-husband, was disproved by his own words to leak sensitive audios where supports have hit it on continuous opportunities. Since that time Amber has done no more than fall into a tailspin, because all of his accusations have since been in doubt for several months, and every time it leaves more information in the light that reveals his fixation on making you look bad to the actor of Pirates of the Caribbean – 67%. The most recent, is the testimony of a private investigator that was hired specifically to find evidence against Depp.

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Paul Barresi is the name of the man who claims to have been hired by Amber Heard and your legal defense, in order to find information that would confirm that the actor of The Young the Hands of Scissors – 91% tended to verbally abusing people around them and be a violent person. Earlier the actress had declared before a u.s. court that her ex-husband mistreated her, and on one occasion even appeared before the judge with blows, however, it seemed that the accusations of the performer were not sufficient to prove he was telling the truth, so he decided to resort to a researcher who indagara in the past for Depp.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Barresi assured that he did everything possible to find out information about the actor of Sweeney Todd: The Barber Demon of Fleet Street – 86%, even reaching out to research the era in which the interpreter was co-owner of a popular night club called “The Viper Room”. The thing that most surprised the researcher is that, after inquiring in the last 30 years of the life of Depp, was unable to find a single person who had something bad to say about him. In fact, the majority of people is expressed beautifully in the star of Hollywood, but on the other hand had many negative things to say about Heard:

The lawyers of Amber contacted me and told me that he was the right man for this job (…) Went to the USA, France, Italy, Great Britain, to all sides by where he was wandering Johnny Depp, wherever I walked, I could not find an instance, or at least a confession, where he was physically abusive with a woman, the abofeteara or hit. It’s like an angel. Anyone who said something derogatory. I interviewed dozens of people, who knew him from three decades ago, and nobody had anything bad to say about him. In fact, they could not say enough about his effusive generosity and tender heart.

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The private investigator did not fear to share testimonies of figures from Hollywood, and they assured him that Depp had a huge human and professional quality, as director Brad Furman and part of the production team City of Lies:

Jane Galli, the head of the makeup department of City Of Lies, had no more than praise for Depp. She had worked with him in the past as a Public Enemy and Pirates [del Caribe]. She said: ‘He is a true” love. The director of City Of Lies, Brad Furman, told me that Johnny was a true human being professional and wonderful in every way and the assistant director Paul Silver told me that even though Johnny is not always arrived on time and delayed the filming at times, it was a professional and always delivered.

In these moments the defense of Amber Heard denies to have had some sort of deal with Paul Barresisince he was fired last year. This means that the investigator was hired by the actress and the testimony of the same, in addition to the other celebrities who have supported Depp and that they ensure it is a person genuinely generous. The legal battle between the former couple continues, but it seems that for now, the actress is the one that takes the to lose.

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