“Privilege,” The exciting video of Guillermina Valdes!


Marcelo Tinelliyour partner Guillermina Valdes and his family were going through quarantine in Esquel, a situation that made star uncomfortable and shocking moments. However, this week they decided to return to Buenos Aires for business reasons. Installed again in your home, Guille shared a series of videos that caused a stir.

The model decided to publish in their social networks, two emotional videos of their children. First, last Wednesday, released a recording where his eldest son Dante (fruit of its old romance with Sebastian Ortega) and Lorenzo (son of Marcelo) played a duet, “Tusa”, from Nicki Minaj, Karol G, and were a rage! Now, Guillermina redoubled the bet.

The media decided to show his fans the talent of the teenager singing and playing the guitar.“This is the luck of having children artists giving magic to the quarantine”, wrote to the show filming in his official account of Twitter. Immediately, Valdes received hundreds of comments admiring the young man. However, as there were always detractors. “Do you want to do believe that is a singer? Do so as for as with Cande Tinelli?”, “What a horror”, were some of the aggressive comments against.

The defense of Guillermina Valdes to Tinelli

It is worth remembering that in terms of erupted criticism against the entrepreneur and the driver of the Dancing for his sudden trip, she made a long and hard disclaimer in its official account of Instagram, in a story. “We are not on vacation, we had the possibility to do the quarantine in Esquel, since Marcelo has a home here 22 years ago“ he said.

“Is to do the quarantine here, locked up, like everyone, doing home office as we were doing. In the house that we have come here several times a year. We will be up to 31 or up to when we indicate the authorities, as appropriate. I clarify only because there are holidays, we do all the care and controls that indicated to us the government of the province in the transfer and income. Thanks”, closed.