Priyanka Chopra is not only an icon of beauty: the side ms committed the woman of Nick Jonas

The indian actress celebrated the 50 million followers with the “challenge” ms is kind of the story of Instagram

Updated 01/03/2020 21:51

Priyanka Chopra not only est is focused on supporting and empowering girls indian. The actress Quantico est empeada in make a world that is ms friendly and, in short, easy to all and has decided to use its powerful impact on the social networks to launch the challenge ms kind and carioso the history of Instagram.

Priyanka Chopra what tena all to take on the world. And as it has been. The career of the model started in 2000, when encumbr officially as the woman most beautiful of India and, later, Miss World. From the time of ‘coronacin’, india undertaking her career as an actress and successes were not long in coming, especially in Bollywoodand until prob luck in the world of music. The popularity of Priyanka reached the peak ms higher when I started a relationship dating with Nick Jonas. The couple I met at a party, after that the singer of the Jonas Brothers send a message going to Twitter his love platnico: “Several friends tell me that deberamos know.” Since then, the marriage, that was given the ‘s, I want’ in a religious ceremony in India, there has been separate and the actress has not stopped adding projects, but not all of them have to do with the entertainment industry.

Priyanka Chopra on the 70th anniversary of UNICEF.
Priyanka Chopra on the 70th anniversary of UNICEF. Gtres

Priyanka Chopra is much more than a face beautiful. So much as that, after more than a dcada actively collaborating with UNICEF, the interpreter was named Goodwill ambassador for the NGOa title, holding other celebrities as Sarah Jessica Parker, Emma Watson, or Alyssa Milano. Priyanka not only est fully involved in supporting and empowering young girls indian and get the rights of the ms small to be protected and respected, but it is also determined in create a world that is ms friendly.

The actress Quantico, cognizant of the impact of social networks today, recently surpassed the more than 50 million followers on Instagram and has held this exorbitant number of draws, but by inviting all their followers to participate in a challenge never seen so far.

“I’ve been traveling, but my heart est full. Thanks to the $ 50 million for the love and constant support. 50 million is not just about followers, it’s about impact… At least as it is as I see it. It is very easy to stay ‘stuck’ in our routine, but I was thinking… What I want to convey? How to use all this impact? And then she thought that we could do something together. Spread kindness in any way we can, with gestures large or small“explains the beauty of india along to a video in which he appears surrounded by the children of the areas ms are disadvantaged on the planet.

“I have gathered 50 acts of kindness at random that I think will brighten the day of someone,” continues the woman, Nick Jonas, accompanying the publication with an extensive list of tips able to meet the challenge. Donate toys for children who are in hospitals, to teach seniors to use new technologies, to walk or go by bike to reduce the polucin or, simply, to keep the door open when another person est going are some simple ideas that provide us Chopra to make the planet a place ms friendly and, ultimately, easier for all. Something that makes many, many missing… We signed up for the challenge?

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