Quarantine coronavirus: Shawn Mendes, the boy canadian who rose on the MTV Unplugged

Why we recommend it Of the singers and authors emerged in the past few years, Shawn Mendes it is one of the most prominent. There are reasons: he sings great, has charisma, can play well, compose songs out of those which one makes a friend right away without that they are from the disposable; and newly loaded with 21 years.

It all happened so fast. Legend has it that the guy born in Ontario, Canada, he learned to play the guitar watching a few tutorials from YouTube at 14, two years after he had reaped millions of followers with your posts of covers, which shortly after was signing his contract with a stamps record of the great and April 14, 2015 in the early morning, he released his album debut, Hadwritten.

So , at that pace he followed the thing, and a year later he published Illuminate, another great handful of songs, which positioned him at the top of a few ránkings, which led him to record a live album at Madison Square Garden and that they deserved the interest of MTV for the invite to resurrect the format Unplugged, and burn the disc, that would come out in November 2017.

This is the cover of the “MTV Unplugged” by Shawn Mendes.

What is certain is that Mendes, who recently went for their 18, came to dot candy to the recordingto leave a stamped a snapshot of an artist with all of the law. The handling shows of the times, the moods and tones of the communication with the public really amazed

And though it certainly has not gone unnoticed by his followers of the first or second hour, mainly girls and adolescents, more than one, or even question who is “that guy” when someone mentions it. Even after the additional exposure that marked the beginning of his relationship with Camila Cabello. And not all of them have daughters or children of an age to tell.

Well, “that guy” is perfectly defined by the MTV Unpluggedbeyond that, by 2018, has released another great album, titled with your name, which amazes with his precocious artistic maturity. But the MTV is special; not only because the selection of topics is extremely friendly, but because it conveys a captivating closeness.

If it were to list, There’s Nothing holdin ‘out’ Me Back, Stiches, Bad Reputation, Roses, Mercy, Never Be Alone form the Top 6 among the 11 songs that comprise the album; if they were to describe, the combo includes some of the rock lighter, enough of a pop are not complacent and something of those ballads that enternecen even the most hard.

But the thing is here is to listen with sensitivity to flower of skin, at a time which at times seems to be frozen in himself, and to take advantage of this stop to rescue some of those pieces that stayed behind, that we had too much in mindor even a little bit, and that is well worth the rescue.

The MTV Unplugged of Shawn Mendes is one of them: does not require prior preparation, just if something of a quiet environment as to enter fully in climate from the first track. The reward can be eager, just ends, giving way to any of their studio albums. Or to put back Never Be Alonebut this time to sing it with him.

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