Ricky Martin exudes attractive even in their moments of “distraction”



It may be that the intention of the last publication of Instagram to reside in to encourage his followers not to be too hard on themselves these days of confinement motivated by the crisis of the coronavirus, a stage which seems to have served many to overload their daily schedule of activities in order to stay more productive than ever before.

However, and as has been noted in the comments section of the striking black and white photography that you have shared on your profile, in which the artist appears bare-chested and “distracted” in front of the screen of your laptop, the effect it has generated in many of their fans identify more with a sudden increase in body temperature.

“Today I’m distracted, and that is well,” has written the star of the music to accompany the thought-provoking snapshot. “Oh, believe me, now we’re all distracted,” he answered with a knowing sneer, the photographer and visual artist Jeremy Kost. “You’re always good”, has led the writer and activist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin, one of the users has preferred to express with words what some have been summed up with emoticons of all kinds and condition.

Only two days before, the puerto rican artist was throwing a “nice” message in the virtual sphere to reinforce the self-esteem of your audience and, perhaps, to avoid in advance that certain internet users to establish odious comparisons in connection with the instant, which he published shortly after: “Facts: you are more beautiful than what you think”, he wrote in the platform.