Robert Downey Jr pick the best film that he has made


Or Iron Man (2008), or Avengers: Endgame (2019), it is surprising the movie Robert Downey Jr has been chosen as the best of his filmography.

Throughout his long career, Robert Downey Jr he has worked in a lot of movies, but mostly has been in recent years where he has achieved his greatest successes. The actor has been key in the Movie Universe of Marvel playing Iron Man / Tony Stark. But also in your resume highlight tapes as Chaplin (1992), Sherlock Holmes (2009) or Zodiac (2007). But… What is your favorite?

Iron Man in Avengers 4 (2019)

Robert Downey Jr in an interview revealed that Kiss Kiss Bang Bang of Shane Black (Iron Man 3), it is a film that not only loves, but that, in his opinion, it was very important to get the role of Tony Stark. “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, is in my opinion, the best film that I have done. It ended up being a business card. Went out and failed at the box office, but Jon Favreau saw it and said: “This guy could do an action movie. And it ended up being my card of presentation in the Marvel Universe“.

What is the movie?

Written and directed by Shane Blackthe 2005 film is starring Robert Downey Jr as the thief Harry Lockhart, who ends up involved in an accident at the casting for a movie about a private investigator while escaping the police after a robbery that went wrong. He flies from New York to Los Angeles, where you must investigate with a professional called Gay Perry (Val Kilmer), but things go haywire quickly when he is with his love of the high school Harmony Faith Lane (Michelle Monaghan), and finds himself involved in a case that involves a dead body, old fiction novels, and a movie star of the previous generation.

Robert Downey Jr pick the best film that he has made
Frame of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

When Robert Downey Jr agreed to star in Kiss Kiss Bang Banghis career in Hollywood was not in the best of times. Since you had problems with the law by consuming drugs. The film was not a box-office success, because it only grossed 15 million dollars. But with time it has become a piece of cult and later served to give life to the superhero most charismatic Marvel.

A few years after the actor returned the favor to the director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Shane Blackbecause that was in charge of directing Iron Man 3 (2013) in replacement of Jon Favreau, director of the first two installments.

Now Robert Downey Jr should resume his film career after leaving the movies Marvel to one side. His latest film, The adventures of doctor Dolittle has received some great reviews.