Salma Hayek makes restorative yoga to stay in shape


Salma Hayek it is one of the celebrities who checks that have 50 years, is the perfect excuse for looking better than ever… and it is not for less, the mexican actress appears in their social networks with a silhouette of impact, of the that knows how to take care of the best way possible: without doing something they dislike.

The actress and businesswoman, Salma Hayek has confessed in various interviews that you don’t like strict diets because it is not a woman who likes to put limitations on the food; in fact it is one of her favorite activities as a family: enjoy the food.

Salma Hayek has the routine ideal for those who do not like to exercise

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It adds to that which has an exercise routine that’s perfect for those who do not want to keep sessions too rigid (and that can be done at home); how do you manage to stay in shape without complications? To through something called, restorative yoga. The businesswoman confessed some time ago in an interview during a red carpet, that is not a person who likes to stand up early to exercise, but working with a specialist in London, to carry out short sessions of restorative yogathat , in addition to tone the body, help to relax and stay in shape.

That is why we disclose a simple routine that you can do at home, and that as Salma Hayek, you can strengthen your entire body.

Elevation of legs

Yes, this is how you can start working this part without pushing you over. If you want you can start raising both your legs slightly with your hips (or perhaps just one leg, if you feel more comfortable). Hold the abdomen inward and stay for 3 breaths in that position: you return to the ground and perform 14 more reps.

Warrior I

Stand on your mat or the floor and carries a foot forward and the other backward. When you find yourself in the center then look to the front, bring your knee forward and your arms up. Hold this position for 5 breaths and then come back. Performing 10 repetitions, you’ll feel that you work each muscle of the body.

Downward-facing dog

This position is one which gives strength to every muscle of the body (and is one of the positions most basic of yoga). Position yourself on the mat and bring your hips back, try to make your heels touch the ground and keep the arms stretched out. Hold this position for 5 breaths and repeat 5 times.

With time you can gradually increase the intensity, but for the moment, this is the simple yoga routine that will relax you, and help you to have a toned bodyno matter the decade in which you find yourself.

Downward dog or down dog

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