‘Schitt”s Creek’, the happy place of which you are not you will want to leave


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Available in: Movistar+.
Seasons: 6 (80 episodes)
Creators: Dan and Eugene Levy.
Year of production: 2015-2020.

When Rose, a family of millionaires lose all their fortune, are forced to live in a motel in Schitt”s Creekpeople , a people that the father had bought his son as a joke birthday two decades earlier, because I had made him grace that the name sounded like that shit (poop); and because I could, of course. The four will have to learn to live in two rooms of motel joint, when before they were not or at christmas, and to adapt to the life and customs of the locals.

Although in its early episodes, the series reminds the premise of Arrested Development (with less budget and a narrative conventional), and it’s not going to be at the height of the expectations, give him the time that you need all the comedies to set everything it has to offer, because believe me: you will have reward. Schitt”s Creek it is very funny and endearing, it’s the kind of series optimistic that it allows its characters to grow and become better people; without that leave, never his essence, and that gives us the pleasure of anticipation, because we know how they will react.

So, spoiler: the Rose learn to be a family for the first time in that motel seedyand in that town, which at first look with an air of superiority, find love and friends for life. Cabaret, serenades to the rhythm of Mariah Carey, a romance central-inspiring, bisexuality explained with wines, the priceless Moira Rose, Catherine O’hara and hundreds of times of those that make us laugh and shed tears of tenderness at the same time; Schitt”s Creek it is a happy place of which you are not you will want to leave. And you have a perfect end.