Selena Gomez demand a video game of fashion for using your image


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In accordance with Variety, Selena Gomez is suing for $ 10 million to a video game fashion for using your image without your consent. The game is currently available on Apple, is called Clothes Forever and it comes to go shopping with the famous. Payments for purchases ranging from 99 cents to 100 dollars.

In your advertising you see other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna. In the lawsuit, the interpreter of “Rare” ensures that none of the developers of the app got in touch to use your image and that I would never have agreed to participate in a project that tries to make purchases of up to $ 100 in “objects imaginary”.

“Interacts with the models and celebrities most beautiful; the likes of the Kardashian, Gigi, Beyonce, Taylor and more will come and ask you for fashion tips!”, we read in the promotional material of the video game.

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The lawsuit also points out that Selena Gomez is very selective when accepting contracts commercial and always looking for projects that promote their values to be an example to follow among its fans.

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In the advertising Clothes Foreverthe illustration of Selena Gomez is almost identical to when it appeared on the cover of the magazine Flare in the November issue of 2015.

Selena Gomez
Interactive Limited/Flare Magazine

The claim is directed to Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co., the seller of the game based in China, as well as to MutantBox Interactive Limited, the british company that owns the copyright of the game. The legal document also points out that the game for mobile devices is “riddled with errors” and that Apple users in the united States qualify him with 3.5 stars out of 5.

We still don’t know if the other celebrities who appear in the video game will take legal action on the matter or if they were consulted by the developer of the game.