Selena Gomez shared her workout routine: a fun, easy and adaptable to your mood


As a result of social distancing and rise of virtual reality, dozens of celebrities decided to share with the world their training routines, revealing the strict steps to follow daily to stay in shape. Each proposal is different and is in the fans decide which of them is best suited to your personal needs and taste.

Selena Gomez, for his part, was one of the last to publish the basis of your daily exercise, appealing to the fun as the primary factor. Unlike Jennifer Aniston and Jlothe singer does not follow a very intense workout or located during the seven days of the week. Instead, their favorites are the routines short, varied and selected according to your mood.

With the address of its preparer physics Amy Rosoff, usually practiced pilates without the need of specific material, plates of different modalities (sides, touching the opposite shoulder with the hands, among others) and isometric exercises that do not involve movement and guaranteed to toning the obliques.

His number one rule, he confessed, is in do not do every day the same thing. The change encourages and promotes their energy, while the monotony is completely desmotivadora.

The day that dawns with less desire to exercise, usually opt for the yoga and other meditation exercises, while when it is active takes advantage of it to do aerobic workouts and kickboxing.