Shakira and Tom Hanks shocked their young fans in full quarantine


In times of contingency, many famous you have been given the task of searching for new activities and some actions to ease the wait of the quarantine by the pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19), and of course to find a way to give happiness to their fans, such is the case of Shakira and Tom Hanks.

Currently, video calling is the hit of time. In this way, millions of people who are confined to their homes can be connected with their loved ones despite the restrictions. And so, as we have witnessed virtual meetings of the most emotive, just like the one that starred Shakira and Corinaa young girl sick with cancer surprised with a nice video and a very special request.

Each, from their respective houses, lived in this unique moment, and tender. In order to get a smile to the baby, the colombian sent to a recording where the congratulated for his work on his YouTube channel and ask him to send a clip singing and dancing to it.

Corina could not hide their surprise and enthusiasm when they see the other side of the screen to his idol, leading to a scene very touching.

Thanks to the Foundation Juegaterapia is that this time could be achieved. The organization and its movement “you Are Not Alone” aims to bring joy to the little warriors that fight against the cancer with surprises to get a smile in these days of confinement.

“It seems to Me spectacular and now I’m going to make a video dancing,” said chiquita, after seeing the message that the pair of Gerard Pique sent him and his parents asked him what he thought of the surprise.

As can be seen in the postthis beautiful gesture of barranquilla led to a deep joy in Corina, that after virtual meeting with the famous reloaded and ready to move forward with her battle these days from your home and with your family.

“Corina, she is @shakira. Shakira, she is Corina. We present these two girls are beautiful, we exchanged laughs and dances. A beautiful friendship on-line has emerged between them. We keep telling our kids #NoEstásSolo. Nothing more far away, the isolation takes a little better in the best companies because we know that love overcomes all distances. I follow, kids!”, it is the text that can be read in the post of the foundation.

On the other hand, Tom Hanks sent him a typewriter to a child who suffered from bullying. Tom, besides being one of the actors most recognized of the Hollywood industry, it also has a big heart, as I could see Corona De Vriesa child australian of 8 years of Gold Coast.

The small one has been the victim of bullying due to its unique name and referred to this situation, the celebrity donated his typewriter.

It all started when Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, contracted coronavirus in early march. When Corona De Vries learned of it, was concerned not so much by the marriage that he decided to write a letter to get to know them and their state of health.

“I heard on the news that you and your wife had contracted the coronavirus. Are you okay?”, wrote Crown, which bears the name in honor of the outermost layer of the sun. “I love my name but at school people call me the coronavirus. I get very sad and angry when people call me like that”, narrated to the child in the letter sent April 6.

To the surprise of Corona, the interpreter of “Forrest Gump”, not only answered the note, but I sent him a typewriter company L. C. Smith & Corona Typewriters Inc.

“Oh, your letter made my wife and I feel great! Thank you for being such a good friend, the friends make their friends feel good when they are depressed. I saw you on tv, although that was back in the united States, and completely healthy”, he began Hanks, 63 years old, his letter, written to machine.

The also u.s. producer stated that they were very well in health, but that the words of his new friend had made him feel even better.

“Even though I was not sick, receiving your letter made me feel even better. You know, you’re the only person I have ever known that has the name of the Crown, as the ring around the sun, a crown. I thought that this typewriter would be right for you. Had taken it to the Gold Coast and is now back with you. Ask an adult how it works and use it to write to me,” concluded Hanks.

Then, with his fist and letter thanked him again and he signed the letter. “P.S. I am your faithful friend!”, said the actor, referring to the character of Woody in the saga of “Toy Story”.

After receiving your gift, De Vries was interviewed by Nine Network, a television station in australia, and explained that marriage is very special, because it made him feel that he was famous. “He said that I am a friend to him. I’m going to write soon”, he said.

There is No doubt that the heart of these stars is enormous.


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