Shakira-no nothing! Photo of the past. “What pique has seen this?”. It comes to light


April 25, 2020
(14:20 CET)

Shakira and Gerard Pique form a couple that, since I began to know that they could have a relationship, it is not that have gone unnoticed. On the contrary. Is she one of the singers most famous on the planet and he’s one of the best players known in Spain and in Europe, their union was a bombshell.

A relationship that, many years ago, that lasts and that, as you well know, the followers of the two, is now better than ever after overcoming a severe crisis that almost lead to separation.

Gerard Pique and Shakira

With two children of by means, Shakira and Pique still a couple top level of the media. Yes, as always, she’s the most comments generated on social networks. Among other things because, far from our borders, is much more known than the central Barca.

The photo of Shakira

Something that can also be seen in the many accounts on Instagram dedicated to her. It has been precisely in one of those accounts in which he has appeared an image of Shakira that has left those that had not seen up until now with the mouth open.


Among other things because, as you well point to many, is one of the photos “more sensual” of Shakira. So much that even some people ask: “whatPique has seen this?”. In it we see the Barranquilla posing very sensual covering her intimate parts with only a few tapes left, yes, very, but very little to the imagination.

And of course, as was to be expected taking into account that there are already many who point out that “Shakira is not the one that was” the comments have exploded. “How beautiful she was at that time”, “Beautiful”, “It’s one of their photos beasts”, “Alucino with Shakira” or “I’m Not surprised that Pique is to fall in love with so madly for her…if that is a goddess” are some of the many opinions of this style.