So is the Extraction of Netflix, the reunion of Chris Hemsworth with the brothers Russo


Chris Hemsworth you must monetize the arms that shaped like Thorthe norse God that held the hammer in the movies Marvel. How and where they’re planning to display them? Thus in an action movie for Netflix call Extraction and where is reunited with the brothers Russo, the architects of The Avengers: Endgame. Those who sought to film palomitera for this Friday, already has a plan.

The husband of Elsa Pataki is Tyler Rake, a mercenary from the black market without scruples, and without anything to lose. When you hire them to rescue Ovi (Rudrakksh Jaiwal), the son of a well-known and imprisoned criminal, you will find your mission more risky. It is not easy to get out alive from a battle with drug traffickers and gentlemen of the weapons.

Hemsworth leaves Thor to become a mercenary of the black market by unscrupulous

The brothers Russowho directed a total of four Marvel movies (Captain America: The soldier winter Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War and The Avengers: Endgame), here is reserved the role of screenwriters and executive producers. What and who they trust as a director? In Sam Hargrave, one of his collaborators, which they used to coordinate the fights of his films.

Fans of action, even if it is B-series and with that feeling of “more is more is more and better” it seems that you will be happy with the original film from Netflix.