So was the meeting of Jennifer Lopez with ex Alex Rodriguez


Now we just found out that these were not the only highlights at the birthday party of the daughter of A-Rod, but also the meeting that had Jennifer Lopez and Cynthia Scurtis, the former wife of the player and mom of the girl.

This meeting has been controversial, but we do not misunderstand. It is not that during the celebration both made faces or rude things. Rather, it was controversial because there have been very few occasions in which the singer and the former of his promise to have coincided, at least in public.

Alex Rodriguez, his former Cynthia Scurtis and Jennifer Lopez.
(Special / Getty Images.)

Yes, either we say that they are super friends or something like that. In fact, throughout the event were close, yes, but nothing nearby. It is more, almost not a word was spoken. But they can at least be in the same place without fighting.

A little bit of skin

Another thing that caught the attention during the party She Rodriguez was that (for a change) Jennifer Lopez taught skin. Originally the star was wearing a lightweight sweater or turtleneck. But in the end the party was in each of Miami in April, time in which already it is quite warm.

Jennifer Lopez wanted to be very fresh.
(Grosby Group.)

There came a time when that JLo wanted to be more fresh, so don’t hesitate to take off the sweater… The thing is that it did not come with a top underneath but underwear. Still looks spectacular.