So would Tom Holland as Venom


Many premieres were severely affected by the pandemic coronavirus and the closure of cinemas in consequence. Perhaps this is why fans try to make more bearable the waiting, by pretend that they can fill the vacuum left by all these movies in the schedule of the film. In this order of ideas, it became viral a fanart that shows actor Tom Holland turned to the “dark side” thanks to the symbiont that gave way to Venom.

That image full visually the collective imagination of many who wonder how it would look like the Spiderman from Tom Holland through by a narrative similar to the Tobey Maguire faced in Spiderman 3when the symbiont alien apodero of your mind and body to dump it in a personality darker than usual.

The illustration was made by the user of Instagram Yadvender Singh Rana who also built the image as if it were a poster official on a possible crossover universe Sony.

Why any fan would imagine a crossover between the Spiderman Tom Holland and Venomit does not come from nothing. In reality, Sony claims to build a universe of the film shared compound spin-offs of characters appearing in the stories of Peter Parker.

Until the time this universe is composed of the film of 2018 Venomthe sequel of the same in which we meet the character of Carnage and the announced Morbiusthat so far has only a first step forward.

VENOM (2018) carnage

Though Venom Let There Be Carnage it was delayed to the following year, the reports indicate that it is almost list and pictures of fans from the set of Morbiusensure that between the two there will be certain connections.

Venom Let There Be Carnage released the 25 of June of 2021 and Morbius the 19 of march of the same year. For its part, the third installment of Spiderman will begin its production next month of July, if the coronavirus permits. Meanwhile, the internet already theorized on the possible titles for the third delivery and you can know them here.