Tekashi 6ix9ine requested the court’s permission to be able to record music videos on your garden


Just before the pandemic coronavirus will come with force to the united States, Tekashi 6ix9ine managed to get home from prison after a judge accepted the request of house arrest made by his legal team, because the rapper suffers from asthma. Since then we have seen how the little rapper has been taking his life, although that is still serving out his sentence from home.

In that spirit of lost time in his career, recently Vulture he revealed that the team of lawyers of Tekashi made a request to the court to be allowed to record music videos in the backyard of his house.

“I am writing on this occasion to ask the court for a measure of approval for that Mr. Hernandez can be two hours a day in your backyard, once a week, for reasons strictly labor. Hernandez want to record music videos in your”backyard”.

At the time in which the Federal Court of Manhattan, ordered the house arrest for the rapper this month, it was under specific conditions. the judge Paul Engelmayer he said that Daniel Hernandez (real name of the rapper) would be “monitored by GPS by the authorities”. In this sense, “in the light of the pandemic COVID-19, the defendant shall remain at his residence with the exception that you need a medical treatment or visit your attorney, all with prior notification and approval of the appropriate department,” said the judge.

In accordance with Vulturethe Department of Probation of united States, whose officers are in charge of people who were recently released from prison is to remain at the margin of the law, “has knowledge of the situation and has no objection to the request of Hernandez.

It is worth noting that Tekashi has the right to make and release music under his house arrest. In this sense, he was also allowed the use of their social networks, which have been key in the promotion of their music.

6ix9ine got a contract of 10 million dollars for two albums with his previous record label, 10K Projectswhile expected to issue its judgment.

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