Tekashi69, the rapper who betrayed all of a dangerous street gang to get rid of the jail


It was November of 2018 when the world of hip-hop was shaken with the news of the arrest of the rapper Tekashi69 (also 6ix9ine or Daniel Hernandezthat is what you put in your passport), a star in the making in the sphere of music that has emerged from the social networks, but also a candidate for inmate of the year for their ongoing tours by the courts to be tried for various crimes. The first that had to make strong was the of sexual abuse of minors, sexual intercourse with a minor of 13 years old when he was 18, in 2015, long before being famous. Such a crime is not imprisoned, but yes he was sentenced to four years of probationthe time in which I shouldn’t get into any trouble. However, he returned to fall, because in 2018 was involved in a crime of use of weapons and conspiracy for a series of crimes including matters of drug trafficking, armed robberies, violence some fans and even threats and crimes with firearms. On this occasion, the judge would not let him go quietly to his house, because, despite being a well-known artist and themes in the number one of the charts of half the world, justice is for all equally.

The condemnation for everything that he was accused was so long that the rapper probably wouldn’t see the light of day, but found a curious output: betray all their accomplices, with the aim of reducing their sentence. The problem is that his fellow-sufferer were all members of the dangerous street gang Nine Trey Gangster Bloodsknown primarily for his extreme violence and the drug trafficking in New York. Thanks to betray to all the world (including the singer Cardi B), the rapper won a judgment of two years of prison, of which it seems that has come with life, despite being jailed with former members of the band.

Tekashi could get out now of prison as he wished, and thanks to the coronavirusbecause the judge who sent him to prison considered that it should be confined to his house by risk of contagion given its status as a asthmatic. If it produces its output, the rapper would come out four months ahead of schedule. Now, what you do, will not be in the witness protection programbecause he told the portal TMZ in his time, the rapper rejected. The reason? A record contract of $ 10 million with 10KProjectsits former record label, which will make it impossible to live in the underground (nor would with those facial tattoos), because they have to comply with the production of two new musical works. The rapper is aware that the band can have him goal you put a foot in the street, but are sure that your security personnel will be enough to protect you during all hours of the day.

Tekashi 6ix9ine in a performance in Milan in 2019. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)

Tekashi 6ix9ine in a performance in Milan in 2019. (AP Photo/Luca Bruno, File)
(Luca Bruno / AP)

What will become of your life now? There are those who believe that there is not a lot of life as such, as it has been made a few powerful enemies to those that do not like nothing more than to take revenge. So, you will need to take advantage of to record their music with that lucrative contract discográficoy to fight back in the courts, with two lawsuits that await you as you leave: two victims of a shooting that accuse him directly, and the clothing company Fashion Nova, which accuses him of fraud. We will see that is the thing, but don’t look too well.