The amazing transformation of Mia Khalifa after leaving the adult film (PHOTOS)


After retiring from the adult content, the actress Mia Khalifa has spent more time in personal care and has worked hard to have a sculptural body.

And while the lebanese was already possessed of a enviable figuresince a while ago the also an entrepreneur decided to enter a gym to tone your body and work in a better physical condition.

Through your account Instagram he has given to his followers videos where it shows part of their exercise routines, as well as photographs where he shares proud of the progress that he has had since he began to have a healthier life.

In its recent mailing, we can see that Mia it already has a abdomen steel, legs completely tonificadas and arms stronger. Images that have captivated its more than 19 million followerswho have complimented the actress for their dedication and daily commitment to the gym.