The challenge that has joined Madonna and Ariana Grande in the fight against the coronavirus


What not would you possibly have dinner with Ariana Grande, or to celebrate your birthday with Madonna? Do or get to Justin Bieber in your house (when you finish the quarantine)? For sure that much if you’re a fan of any of them. And they are just some of the celebrities that have joined the campaign to this charity All in Challenge to raise money in the fight against the coronavirus.

Drake, Hugh Jackman, Justin Timberlake, Ellen DeGeneres, David Beckham or Ryan Reynolds they have also agreed to be part of this challenge that offers lucrative rewards for part of each one of the participants. And is that all the help is little in this time of terrible pandemic. We already saw last week the very big deal that led to Lady Gaga, which was a real festival virtual pop stars singing from their homes.

It is now All in Challenge the initiative that more visibility is getting thanks to the all-important names that are joining the cause. The idea is to encourage people to make donations, aimed at the people most affected by the crisis, with an inviting bait: live a unique experience with your favorite artist. Ago few days ago, Madonna, who has already been involved in several actions for you to donate money, nominated Ariana Grande to join the challengeand , of course, is not doubted.

Between Madonna and Ariana Grande there is a close bond from the era of Rebel Heart. Remember that even came to share the stage in one of the concerts of that tour. So Big immediately announced that he accepted the challenge and joined to this action. So, if you’re a big fan of Ariana, and you have the possibility to donate a large amount of money to the fight against the coronavirus, you can end up making a visit to his studio, followed by a dinner with the diva –do you take pigtail dentures or your natural hair for the appointment?–.

If you are Madonna fan and you are a winner/a/ethe queen of pop will give away one of the jackets he has worn in his Madame X Tour signed and he will sing to you personally Happy birthday to you the day that touch. There is nothing wrong, right? This challenge going to give you a long, long game. Because Ariana Grande has been nominated now to Mariah Carey…