The exercise to have flat abdomen that it makes Miley Cyrus

In times of confinement, attempting to new routines to get flat abdomen it can be exhilarating to challenge yourself. The pilates are an excellent option for experience, although you may sound like a practice fitness retro, you should know that this training has multiple benefits, and Miley Cyrus you know very well about this.

The interpreter Wrecking Ball it is an assiduous practitioner of pilates. Mari Winsor, a famous coach in american who has worked with celebrities such as Daisy Fuentes and Melanie Griffith, revealed it to Daily Mail, emphasizing that Miley Cyrus did a routine strictly for his tour Bangerz Tour, for what he did pilates every day for eight months in training sessions of an hour and a half.

If you want to put into practice this type of training, we tell you what you need to know about this and three exercises proposed by Mari Winsor who, by the way, Miley Cyrus said that he managed to get ‘the best shape of your life’.

What are pilates?

The pilates they are a kind of physical and mental training that was invented in the early TWENTIETH century by a man american named Josehp Hubertus Pilateswho to root of your health problems during his childhood and youth, is based on practices such as yoga, bodybuilding, gymnasticsamong other exercises that he himself practical.

This exercise took relevance in the seventies, when students of the creator began to open their own studios in various cities of the united States. With the passing of the years, his method has evolved until you get to exercises are very popular, which we know today, which involve the use of yoga ball or even other variations as the fisiopilates involving other practices of high intensity.

What are the benefits of pilates?

According to the coach Mari Winsor, the pilates are very helpful for toning the body in a holistic way, to practice them, engage muscles of legs, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and legs. In addition, it strengthens the core abdominal, improves your posture and your balance.

But that is only physically, speaking in mental terms, the pilates they help improve concentration, self-control, of your body from your thoughts with the help of your strength and to decrease stress.

What pilates exercises proposed by the trainer of Miley Cyrus?

In a routine of 20 minutesthese are the three exercises that proposes Mari Winsor, to make pilates. The key to this type of training, according to the expert, is in getting the belly as much as you can, as if you wanted to bring your navel to your back.

These are the pilates exercises that you can do at home:

Exercise 1

Lie down on the floor slowly, make sure that your back is resting on the surface naturally, don’t force the position. Flex the legs and then inhale and exhale, when, inhales, make sure you contract your abdomen.

Lift your legs forming a straight line (if it is not possible, you can flex but keeping always high). Stands a little back, as if you were to make a crunch, and hold that position with your abdomen tight all the time. After you raise your arms to the floor repeatedly, as if you were taking small bumps in the ground.

Exercise 2

The following exercise consists in raising one leg completely straight. Once you have it up and with your abdomen fully contracted, move it in the manner of a pendulum, with circular movements and controlled. Precisely, the control is the key to working the muscles of the legs. Repeat 10 times, the movement of each leg.

Exercise 3

This exercise it is also done with the legs elevated. It is very similar to an abdominal leg raises, just that this is not your legs won’t come down completely, to keep them suspended by small movements up and down. Your back you also need to lift the soil and keep it suspended.

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