The explosive book of the former best friend of Anna Wintour: “I dropped by gordo”

No one knows more than one person your best friend. They know more than the families… more than anyone I want you to know. That was André Leon Talley for Anna Wintour. Because in addition to being his subordinate, fashion editor at Vogue, where she reigns decades ago, it was also his confidant. Knows what she wants you to know and what you don’t. Now, far away, Talley decided to tell everything that he knows, and he remained silent for years in his new book: The Chiffon Trenches (The trenches of the chiffon).

The former general editor of Vogue paints a scathing portrait of her once-close friend and chief, Anna Wintour. “She is not capable of human kindness”, released as if anything, including other series of sound bites features.

According to detailed Daily Mailin his book, Talley says he has “huge emotional scars and psychological”. The 70 year-old man reveals that Wintour ”froze” in the past year because it was ‘too old, too fat, and a bit cool’ for ithe writes in his new memoir The Chiffon Trenches, which comes out in September.

Talley says that there is a list of the “never-ending” of writers, stylists, and models that she has “thrown away” during his powerful reign. “It’s immune to anyone who is not the powerful people and famous who populate the pages of Vogue”, accuses.

“For her, her best friends are the highest in their fields chosen. Serena Williams, Roger Federer, the Mr. and Mrs. George Clooney… I am no longer of value to her,” she writes with grief.

Talley was not any in the life of the woman known as ‘Nuclear Wintour”. It was one of the few dozens of people invited to your wedding. The friendship began in 1983 when Talley went to work at the journal in his second attempt after Grace Mirabella, the editor-in-chief of the times, appointed editor of fashion news. Talley writes that the exit of the first meeting was met with Wintour and she smiled at him. When he came home, she had sent him a note that said: “Welcome to Vogue. I am looking forward to working with you.”

Talley account that by that time she was “terribly frightened” by ms. Wintour, and I used to get away when they were at some social event. Tondy Warhol, who was already a friend of Talley their days in the magazine Interview, laughed at the situation and challenged: “Oh Andre, she sees and greets Anna Wintour!”.

When Wintour left the united States to become editor of the british Vogue, Talley became the style editor of Vanity Fair under the direction of Tina Brown. Wintour hired him again when he returned to the united States as editor of the magazine, Home & Garden and brought to Vogue when he became its editor in 1988.

Wintour trusted him, appointed him as creative director, became the black man of higher rank in the history of journalism and fashion in the fashion writer men’s most important. By then he was already a friend of designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld.

His new job gave him a level of prestige and respect that is unprecedented in an era in which Vogue was even more powerful than it is now. He met royalty, did photo sessions at the homes of the rich and famous and had Read Radizwill, the sister of Jackie Kennedy, among your new acquaintances.

Talley writes that there was a transition period when ms. Wintour took control, only “the speed of the bullets and the lightning ahead”. The meetings ended in eight minutes, and if it is prolonged for more than 15 minutes, something had gone ‘seriously wrong’.

The first time I tried to have lunch with Wintour she decided to go back to the office before I got the first course… “The chefs probably didn’t even bother to start making the food when they arrive because they were very used to this.”

Under the auspices of Wintour, Talley received large commissions as the first cover of Vogue by Madonna, filmed in 1989 in his home in Los Angeles.

But at some point things changed and Wintour left to send the best work. Talley began to feel that ‘he was not being treated properly’ so I broke into the office of ms. Wintour and resigned, giving a face to the exit.

Moved back to North Carolina to the house that he had bought for his grandmother and, finally, wept his death five years after the event with a binge of barbecue.

Talley was reconciled with Wintour when the mother of the editor-in-star died, and he flew to the Uk to be at the funeral. After that emotional reunion, she returned to Vogue. But something began to disturb Wintour: Talley was getting fatter.

“You have to go to the gym”, you said angry and even got him a personal trainer. Tarnished because his friend was still putting on weight, he organized an “intervention” in which participated the designer Oscar de la Renta, and his wife, who were two of the closest friends of Talley.

Wintour explained that the weight of Talley was “out of control” and was sent to rehab in the Middle of Diet and Fitness Duke in his hometown of Durham, North Carolina.

Talley lost 20 pounds but once back to a normal life, went back up. The situation was repeated several times, in what had already become a battle for the editor.

In 2016, Vogue started a podcast and Wintour announced that Talley was the host. Started out as a great success, with guests like Tom Ford, Kim Karda But suddenly, the podcast ceased to exist and there was no explanation on the part of Wintour.

Talley account that Wintour what submitted several times a year at the silence but he was no longer willing to tolerate it. One day, in conversation with Graydon Carter, the former editor of Vanity Fair, and discovered that I was not alone. “One day he treats me like a good friend and colleague, and the next day, he treats me as if he’d just hand the keys to a valet parking unknown,” she told Carter.

“Today, I’d love to say something human and honest. I have huge emotional scars and psychological scars of my relationship with this woman influential. He loves his two children and I’m sure that will be the best grandmother… but there are so many people that it has worked for her and has suffered enormous emotional scars just like me”, with sorrow.

In the spring of 2018 Talley expected to prepare their interviews on the red carpet for the Gala of the Met, but no one from Vogue had been in contact with him. When Talley called him told him that those things were for people “less experienced” than him, but Talley saw it as what it was: a sign not so subtle that it was no longer welcome. “It was clearly a cold business decision. Suddenly I had become too old, too fat, too old-fashioned, to Anna Wintour,” he analyzed.

After decades of loyalty and friendship… Anna should have had the decency and the kindness to call me or send me an e-mail saying: ‘Andre, I think we have had a wonderful career with your interviews, but let’s try something new’. I would have accepted. Expected a show of simple human kindness. But no, she is not able to,” he said.

Talley, who clearly still hurt, he writes that ‘for years Anna was the most important woman in my universe’

That October, Wintour not wished him to Talley a happy birthday as you normally did then he considered their friendship “officially terminated”.

“My hope is that she finds a way to apologize before you die, or if I stay incapacitated before you die, she will submit to my hand, with an outstretched hand gripped on to mine and say: ‘I love You’. You have No idea how much you’ve meant to me”.

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