The horrifying story of Kate Beckinsale


Yesterday, Kate Beckinsale revealed that she also had to live an experience thrilling to Harvey Weinstein, the producer who on Wednesday was sentenced to spend 23 years in prison after facing charges of sexual abuse by two women.

Considered that although justice was done in two cases, they only represent a small part of the demands that were hundreds of women who were abused by the producer, and whose cases are not proceeded in the court.

In his time, some of the actresses who spoke out were: Rose McGowan, Ashley Judd and many more shared their own stories about how the director of the harassed, violentó; there are even stories of rape. Now, it was the turn of Kate Beckinsale who shared his own story. He noted that everything happened in 2001 during the premiere of his film, “Serendipity”, a few days after the terrorist attack that destroyed the Twin Towers.

The actress narrated the facts in their social networks, where he published: “For the premiere of “Serendipity”, the 5 of October of 2001, we all refused to go because celebrate a premiere a few weeks after 11 September, with the city still smoking it seemed like an idea insensitive, callous and disrespectful”.

He added that the refusal of the actors, Weinstein —producer of the film— insisted on conducting the event to which the actress attended with a suit coat, white in color.

The next morning the carpet, she and her daughter were invited to the house of Harvey to which the little girl could play with the daughter of Weinstein.

All turned out to be a trap, because when the producer called: “If I am throwing a red carpet, you wear a tight dress, shake your butt and shake them tits, do not go down looking like a lesbian,” said Weinstein to the actress, who was, according to his narration, in shock.

“I tried to say ‘Harvey, the city is in flames, people are still searching for their relatives, none of us felt that the premiere would be appropriate and much less go out dressed as if it were a bachelor party’”. He said: ‘I don’t care, it’s my release and if I want to see c*z* on the red carpet, that’s what I get’”.

The histrión narrated that after the complaint, she and her daughter went out, fleeing the place: “That was one of the many experiences that I had for that there was no remedy, and does not fall under any crime”.

To the above, Beckinsale he added that not all abuses of Weinstein may be punished by the law, but that happened many times so, she and many others, and are part of the techniques the producer used to intimidate and control everyone around her.

He added that in his time he was “punished for that, and in other cases in which I said ‘no’ to him for years; as on that occasion, in which he asked me to go to his hotel room, and when I arrived, she opened the door in his bath robe. I was incredibly naïve and young, and had not occurred to me that this older man and unattractive would expect that it had some sexual interest in him. After rejecting the alcohol, and announce that I had school the next morning I went, uncomfortable but unharmed. A few years later he asked me if I had tried something with me in that first meeting. I realized that I couldn’t remember if I had been assaulted or not.”

He also expressed that the judgment of Weinstein is “a great relief for me in the name of all the women who were assaulted or violated sexually, and I hope it’s a deterrent for that kind of behavior in this and in any other industry.”

The actress concluded by saying that Weinstein committed many crimes that are not exactly “crimes” and that “the harassment inhuman and ill-concealed by the there is still no resource no matter who you tell”, you need to be recognized and eliminated from the industry.