The picture secret of Margot Robbie with their fans hallucinating!


The film world rarely supports star as well because yes, and even less if you do not have an exceptional track record behind their backs. Margot Robbie could be the exception that confirms the rule, despite the fact that it has also got a filmography incredible passing for a thousand roles in films of much renown. The australian has become the queen of Hollywood thanks to his charisma and well-done work, has become one of the actresses most sought after and requested, while the films that he has starred in are rising their popularity, in a nutshell, count on it is a gold mine.

Margot has had to face a situation something embarrassing to be made public one of his photographs while conducting an audition for the movie ‘Focus’, who later starred with Will Smith. The actress revealed also the odyssey that suffered to get to that point, already received the message which gave the opportunity for the role while it was located on a nearby island to Croatia. Two days and six hours of sleep after coming to New York to get to the star with loss of your baggage by half. An embarrassing situation with the costumes that looked at such an important time for Robbie that was topped with Will Smith coming in late, which angered categorically to the australian leaving another curious anecdote between the two.

The photography that has come to light for the first time during the last days makes it clear that it was not a very pleasant experience for Margot Robbie, with a costume very rare and lack of mood to face the trial, despite the fact that he finally got the role for coprotagonizar the film that it has become number 1 Netflix in several countries during the last week. ‘Focus’ back in fashion this quarantine, and in part it is thanks to that the directors relied on Margot, and the chemistry he has with Will Smith on the screen.

One of the last work of the actress has been greatly harmed with the arrival of the Covid-19. The premiere of ‘Birds of Prey’ in the cinemas around the world has left a amounts very poor at the box office because of the confinement and quarantine, which are saved in all the world, a exceptional circumstances the own Margot to recommended to respect through your account Instagram. With the return to normalcy may return to enjoy the australian on the big screen, to what surely will be added more snapshots secret of your up to the moment, impeccable track record.