The real reason Zac Efron not singing at the reunion of “HSM”


A few days ago, fans of “High School Musical” lived a great moment when some of the protagonists of the saga reunited virtually to appear in the “The Disney Family Singalong”.

Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman and Lucas Grabeel recorded interpreting “We’re All In This Together”but the big disappointment was that Zac Efron, not cantor, but that only appeared in a brief video that introduced his former teammates.

At the time, the host of the special was announced that Zac is not joined to the presentation due to the poor quality of your Internet; however, now we hear that the actor took this decision by a stronger reason.

In accordance with Hollywood Life, Zac did not want to join the presentation to avoid having to live with his ex, Vanessa!

“There were many good times and memories of all, but there were also a lot of pain and that comes from his time with Vanessa. No longer speak, so they work together in a situation like this would have been very difficult, because he would have loved to rehearse for the presentation came out perfect. But, that would have meant working with Vanessa and [Zac] don’t want that in your life”, said one source to said medium.

Oh Woooooow!

For their part, no matter that Zac not sang, Vanessa is very proud of what he didaccording to the reports, especially since the reunion with his former teammates of “HSM” it was for a good cause in the midst of this horrible pandemic.

Zac and Vanessa they are still far enough to forget the relationship toxic that it had. Although, of course, that the reason of Efron to not sing in the reunion “High School Musical” it is understandable, we cannot deny that broke several hearts by not doing so.

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