The Shrink Next Door: how will the new series of Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd for Apple?


Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd have teamed up to work on a new production for the Apple TV that is called The Shrink Next Door, and we mentioned the details. Find all of the data in these lines!

The masterminds behind the saga Anchorman are coming together in a production for Apple TV! Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell will be a series for the streaming service to be called The Shrink Next Door, and it will be a comedy. The Cupertino is made with the rights in direct competition with lots of other giants who sought to make this new production, in a round of virtual business due to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The Shrink Next Door (“the psychoanalyst of the side“) will be based on the actual events of a podcast of the same name. It will be a dark comedy based on the bizarre relationship between a psychoanalyst and his patient, the Dr. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf (Rudd) and Martin “Marty” Markowitz (Ferrell). Throughout their relationship, the doctor will have more and more in the life of Marty, even up to moving into your home and into your family business as they explore how the relationship becomes increasingly manipulative and dysfunctional.

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The series will be 8 episodes and will be produced by Civic Center Media and MRC Tv. The director will be Michael Showalter (“The Big Sick”), while the head writer will be Georgia Pritchett of Succession and Veep. In addition, Pritchett, Rudd and Ferrell will be executive producers together to Showalter and Jordana Mollick; and also Marshall Lewy, Jared Sandberg, Katie Boyceand Francesca Levy of Bloomberg Media. The creator of the podcast, Joe Nocerawill also be involved as co-producer.

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Rudd comes from starring in the series Netflix Living With Yourselfin addition to embody Ant-man in the MCU. Ferrell, for his part, was in the comedy Downhill next to Julia Louis-Dreyfus. This will be their first work together since the remembered Anchorman 2. The series will begin recording when the hygienic conditions the product of the pandemic COVID-19 are suitable, and you do not yet have a release date.