The style of Anah, Selena Gomez presumed your talent for cooking


United States.- The famous actress and singer, Selena Gmez, it seems that is very sure of her culinary talent, as well as many celebrities as Anah, so that the hand of Spotify perform a small segment in which to show how and that kitchen in your mansin with their favorite songs.

During this quarantine have been several celebrities who have wanted to prove that you have ms talents to the dems of the song or the actuacin, this has added to the exactriz of Disney.

It is for this reason that through their stories Instagram I announced that in the streaming platform for music will have a segment in which enseara how and what to cook in his mansin.

No doubt this has already excited their millions of fans as est showing a facet that is completely unknown to her because that has never been seen cooking, although it is not doubt that you know to do so because on several occasions has shown that gift but with the food already made.

Source: Instagram @selenagomez