The tricks of Halle Berry to train with a towel and two stools and look abdominal infarction at age 53

Halle Berry has been shown to 53 years old about abdominal well-defined do not understand of age. The only thing that is needed is willingness to work. In her Instagram, the former Bond girl gave a good account of how to crush your physique and not only to prepare you for roles such as Bruised, a film in which he plays a former fighter of mixed martial arts… the actress likes to take care of yourself always, and much.

Every Friday, Berry shares with his millions of followers on the social network, its training tips under the hashtag #FitnessFriday. That is how we have known the secrets of routines that sculpt your figure and that include yoga, boxing, muay thai and to make the pine.

Since then, poking around in your account you can find a complete guide to staying in shape, for that account with the help of your personal trainer, Peter Lee Thomasexpert in martial arts and nutrition.

One of the basic clues that defends the interpreter to be able to give 100% is the hydration because the human being is composed of a large percentage of water and replenish “can have effects that change the life in the body: weight loss, higher levels of energy, better cardiovascular health and a younger looking skin”. In this way, has challenged its fans to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

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Exercises with that works all muscle groups ranging from squats, the lunges, the plates or exercises to tone your arms. In addition, we have shown that we can do it from home and with materials we have at hand.

Works the core with a towel

With this must-have accessory for every athlete while you train can run many basic exercises very effective especially for lto area of the coreor what is the same: the area of muscle that wraps around the center of gravity of our body.

As well, helping us a towel, we can do crunchs (or the abs of a lifetime) with arms outstretched, twisting, strides and burpees.

Halle Berry

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Strength work with what gilles

The Oscar-winning take advantage of any element to get in shape. As if you have to get down to make squats and dead weight with cement blocks. “Use weights non-traditional can help to develop the muscles less usedin addition to posing a great challenge and motivation.” Unless you live in the middle of a work it is likely that you don’t have bricks at home, but sure if you search for the rooms you find something heavy with which to work out.

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Parallel with stools

The exercises on parallel bars help to Halle Berry to activate multiple muscles that normally do not touch with your workout routine. In addition, it is also a good exercise for the balance. The actress practiced in a little gymnastics and now, in the absence of gym gear to perform this modality, uses two stools on which it leans with both hands and that allow you to do balance exercises of high intensity.

Halle Stool


The actress likes to talk about the benefits of a good session of stretchingboth for the body as for the mind. Quadriceps, shoulders, back, lumbar region, chest…

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