The words of Liam Hemsworth on his marriage to Miley Cyrus: “it Was very stressful.”


Hemsworth and Cyrus were separated just eight months after marriage Credit: Instagram

Liam Hemsworth


Miley Cyrus

they shocked the world when they announced last year their separation, less than a year

very intimate wedding that had been held in December of 2018


The divorce put an end to your failed marriage

was formalized last January

and their love story truncates happened to be as a chapter of the past. However, in a recent

interview with the magazine Men’s Health

the actor of 30 years confessed some details of what it was like for him to be married with the interpreter

Hannah Montana


“For a long period of time, the relationship was very stressful,” he said. It should be remembered that both artists staged since then

claims crusaders for alleged infidelities, and problems with drugs and alcohol


After that, Hemsworth said that many times she wanted to whiten their feelings and give their opinions on how things were, since, as indicated, “most of the time,” what is written about him is “completely false”.

“There are times that you want to talk and there are others in which I think is not worth, because only you are going to draw more attention and then it is better not to think about that and let it all fade away”, he continued.

In addition, Liam remarked that exceeded long time ago the consequences of his failed romance with Miley: “these days I don’t want to invest more time on worrying about that kind of stuff. I remember that I should appreciate the now and enjoy each moment as much as possible”, he stressed.

Liam Hemsworth along with his new girlfriend, model Gabriella Brown
Liam Hemsworth along with his new girlfriend, model Gabriella Brown Credit: Grosby Group

Currently, the protagonist of

The hunger games

she confesses to be happy enjoying your new

love life next to Gabriella Brooks

. Miley Cyrus, for his part, had a brief romance with the blogger american Kaitlynn Carter after parting with actor and currently

is linked romantically to the singer and actor australian Cody Simpson