The youtuber James Charles makes the leap to the world of music


  • The ‘youtuber’ James Charles has announced on Twitter that it intends to release in the music world and to his followers he has not done much grace.
  • James Charles is posed to found his own brand of makeup.

    With almost 16 million followers on Youtube and 15 million on Instagram, James Charles it has become one of the most influential people in the world of beauty at the international level. It is therefore not surprising that firms such as Morphe has decided to collaborate with him (what you have not yet seen the incredible palette of shadows that they released?). At the end of 2019, we knew that he was proposing to found her own brand of makeup, following in the footsteps of his former friend, Tati Westbrook, to which, by the way, had a sonadísima fight. Well it seems that it has changed idea and now this project has been replaced by another that has nothing to do with the universe ‘beauty’. As we have seen in his Twitter account, @jamescharles, wants to make the leap to the música. Yes, yes, as you read.

    Be one of the ‘youtubers’ best paid was not enough for him, and has decided that it wants to exploit other facets. Since it seems that is what is taking it seriously, because apparently has already begun to write a song. “I just finished my first writing session and let me just say that there is a song”, has had excited his followers.

    James Charles announces on Twitter that he is writing a song

    We don’t know what it is going to get out of there. Who knows, we may have had before to a star of the music during all these years, and us without knowing it! Although his followers are not very convinced of this, the truth. We have to say that we are fans of some of the answers that you have written. “Let us hope that we do not display the result”, “please, no, humanity already has enough with the coronavirus”, “we’ve Already suffered enough this year” and other beads. What cruel.